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HDD Detect Order w/ PCI IDE Controller

I have a Supermicro P6DBE with one HDD (set as Master) connected to its Primary IDE controller, one CDRW (set as Master) connected to its Secondary IDE controller, and a cheap PCI IDE Controller with four HDDs connected to it (set in Master/Slave combos). Grub initially sees the right HDD order as the Master on the Primary IDE Controller being /dev/hda (which I assume is information directly from the BIOS), but after Linux further probes during boot, it'll *sometimes* (not always!) reverse the order of HDD detection, causing a kernel panic. I can't figure out whether it's this cheap PCI IDE Controller jumping around IRQs or something. Everytime I think it's going to be stuck in reverse order, the computer magically decides to go back to normal. Googling found solutions to the reverse order problem as sending ide=reverse to the kernel before boot, but I'm not sure Debian's stock SMP kernel supports that, and it still doesn't resolve this flakey issue.

Any ideas?

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