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Re: ssh via inetd the Debian way

On 2006-04-25, Steve Lamb penned:
>     Is there some automated method of placing sshd into inetd?  I've atte=
> mpted
> to dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server to no avail.

I don't know about automated, but I found this warning in `man sshd`:

     -i      Specifies that sshd is being run from inetd(8).  sshd is normally
             not run from inetd because it needs to generate the server key
             before it can respond to the client, and this may take tens of
             seconds.  Clients would have to wait too long if the key was
             regenerated every time.  However, with small key sizes (e.g.,
             512) using sshd from inetd may be feasible.


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