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Re: wine installation help needed

Xplicit Language <xplicitlanguage@yahoo.com> wrote:

>     I think it's easier if you just install 'libxxf86dga1' manually. From
> a root shell, cd to your 'deb' directory and do 'dpkg -i
> your-deb-file.deb'. (Hint: you can use tab for autocompletion of the
> filename). But this might still not be enough and normaly this should
> not happen (especially with sarge). 
> It might be that your sources.list is not properly set-up. Please do
> 'cat /etc/apt/sources.list' and post the output here. If this is the
> problem then, next time you won't have to worry about dependencies
> anymore.
>   well i kind of crashed linux so bad there is nosources.list anymore lol, i tried to do a update into unstable items, so that wine will work, and in synaptic i did have to adjust the repositories to get the files, and remove the one that was bad. with the new wine asking for a unstable item(s) i think i should just switch to unstable version os and that would be a work around for me, since sarge didn't like the item i installed, and how it forced removal of gnome and other things, updates, and installs.

I think unstable will only get you more problems. How do you know it's
asking for a package from unstable? What package and which version is
it asking for?

Please keep the discussion on list.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
(Albert Einstein)

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