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Performance testing question:

Hi all,

I have been doing some performance testing on my file server, the specs of the machine are:

Compaq Proliant 6500
Quad Pentium Pro 200/1MB cache
2GB Ram
2 x 2/DH Hardware RAID controllers
1 x Emulex LP8000 Fibre Channel controller
Dual 10/100 NIC (Intel)
Fibre 1000 NIC (Intel)
(All PCI slots are 32-bit/33 Mhz.)

This is connected, via a Storageworks San Switch 8 (basically a Brocade Silkworm 2400) to two :

Storageworks 4000 fibre channel enclosure, each with 12 x 36GB U160, 10,000rpm drives arranged as 2 logical RAID 5 drives.

The box is running Debian Sarge, fully patched upto date.

I realise the hardware is not exactly top of the range, but I thought I'd see what it would do.

OK, so I have run a few tests, but settled on dbench as it's *really* easy to use :-) I am seeing about 54MB/sec when run on the fibre connected drive(s), and about 90MB/sec when using the 2/DH controllers...this seems a little odd, as the 2/DH are only supposed to be 40 MB/sec interfaces, whereas the LP8000 is a 1Gb/sec card - I would expect to be seeing closer to 100MB/sec from the fibre devices ....

From local, 2/DH filesystems:
bungo:/tmp# dbench 2
2 clients started
  0     62477  90.67 MB/sec
Throughput 90.6613 MB/sec 2 procs

From FC connected:
bungo:/export/iso# dbench 2
2 clients started
  0     62477  44.23 MB/sec
Throughput 44.2259 MB/sec 2 procs

Is there anything else I can try, or do these figures seem reasonable to everyone?



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