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RE: Sound configuration and mount to usb device

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>From: rocky2winnie@gmail.com
>To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
>Subject: RE: Sound configuration and mount to usb device
>Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 12:34:44 +0800
>>Hey List,
>>I have sarge 3.1 runing smoothly on my desktop. Yet I encountered
>>difficulties as I'm wanting more features. If any of you could give
>me some
>>hints regarding to the following items, I would really appreciate
>>   1. How can I make my computer speak or sing? 

You will have to configure sound.
What desktop environment are you using?

 Do I need to apt-get install a particular package to
>manager my sound
>>   machinism?


 What are their names?

This will depend on your soundcard.

 I do not know the model of my
>sound card

Look under your hardware definitions in your menus.
Make a note of your graphics card and other hardware while you're at

>>   but it works fine under windows XP system.
>>   2. How can I mount to my usb port devices? I have a MP3 player. I
>>   plug into USB port and copy & paste content betwen PC's harddrive
>and MP3
>>   player. But when I switch to Debian, I do not know how to have
>access to it.
>>   The USB port works fine tested by plug in a usb keyboard.

It'll work fine with Debian also.
One step at a time.
Start with the soundcard, configuring that, then come back.
>>Thanks a lot in advance!

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