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fontconfig URW type 1 font

I use autodia to generate a gif class diagram, the error below is saying that the fonts times-roman is missing.
by searching the keyword 'roman' like this,
apt-cache search roman|grep ^ttf and find two true type fonts, if I search 'times' will get 52 fonts.
so I don't know which font I should choose, any comments?
AutoDia - version 2.00(c) Copyright 2003 A Trevena

getting handlers..
using language : perl

..using Autodia::Handler::Perl
opening ... ...
Diagram.pm : Inheritances : no Inheritances to be printed - ignoring..
Error: fontconfig: Didn't find expected font family. Perhaps URW Type 1 fonts ne
ed installing? : Times-Roman
written outfile : autodia.out.xml successfully
complete. (processed 11 files)

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