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Re: Xorg upgrade troubles

Žáček Kryštof wrote:
> Well, this transition could have been prepared better - testing stuff
> in such state on human beings is not ethical.

People running unstable are expected and required to be able to do the

  * Deal with minor breakages.
  * Report bug reports when things break.

This is well documented an there is nothing unethical about it.

> X did not start
> ==========
> The symbolic link /etc/X11/X was wrongly set to /bin/true
> Should be set to /usr/bin/X11/Xorg
> KDM did not start
> =============
> /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc contains wrong line:
> ServerCmd=/usr/X11R6/bin/X    ... there is no such file
> should be
> ServerCmd=/usr/bin/X11/Xorg  or better  /etc/X11/X
> Keyboard layout tool error
> ==========================
> kxkb not working anymore
> I had to install xkb-data
> Some special keys do not work anymore
> =====================================
> Cannot switch to virtual consoles with Alt-Ctrl-F1
> Dead keys (ˇ) do not work anymore (e.g. for characters like Ž)

Please use reportbug to file bug reports on the appropriate packages for
these problems.

see shy jo

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