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Re: Why do people in the UK put a u in the word color? IS THERE A MODERATOR FOR THIS LIST???

tom arnall wrote:
> what is a 'top-poster'?
It's a person who sends a reply to email by putting their response at the top of the material to which they're responding. Some broken email clients, notably Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, encourage this bad behaviour (notice the "us") by placing the cursor at the top of the email when Replying.

This is just backwards from the way you read anything else in your life. It causes particular problems when the thread gets long, and other people are reading it, particularly when they are brought into the thread in the middle of the conversation.

Instead, replies should go just after the material to which you're replying, and irrelevant material should be trimmed out. There is more that can be said on this topic, but it's been well-covered in the past; a quick Google will probably provide all the pros and cons you'd want concerning top-posting.

A. Because it reverses the order in which you read.
Q. Why is it bad?
A. Top-posting.
Q. What is one of the worst practices in e-mail?


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