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Re: / full?

Chris Parker wrote:
> Is it possible to symlink /bin, /etc/, + others into the /home
> partition? or just use a partitioner to resize the /home?  Which has the
> least impact on the filesystem?
Resize.  According to the FHS, /bin, /lib, /etc (and probably others)
*must* reside on the same physical device as /.  If not, when / is
mounted as the first FS, how will the system even startup (if /bin is
not on /, then the init program will not be found) or mount other
filesystems (if /etc is not there then the fstab can't be read).
Anyhow, if I were you, I would switch to LVM.  It is very nice and
conventient.  Though, unless you have a way getting an image of your
system to another machine (I recommend systemimager) it could be quite


Roberto C. Sanchez

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