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Re: mutt with exim4 smtp smarthost rejects mail

On Mon, Apr 10, 2006 at 04:46:39PM +0200, Alex wrote:
> I'm running a debian sid server with exim4, dovecot and getmail. It was
> installed using debchroot and I intend to keep it lean and mean so no X
> installed.
> Sending mail works just fine when connecting with an external imap client
> but when I log on the server and use mutt my isp's smtp server rejects any
> mail I try to send.

more details would help, but... Have you set your From: and possibly
your Envelope_From in .muttrc? That was the trickiest bit I had in my
config. Even setting From and Envelope From wasn't enough, though, I had
to get Exim to let me send those out without rewriting too. send us the
bounced mail...

> I have no clue why it does this? Is there a configuration that needs to be
> set in exim4?
> Below is my exim4 config:
> -- update-exim4.conf.conf --
> dc_eximconfig_configtype='smarthost'
> dc_other_hostnames='echo.com:echo:localhost.localdomain'
> dc_local_interfaces=''
> dc_readhost='echo.com'
> dc_relay_domains=''
> dc_minimaldns='false'
> # Comment to request AUTH
> #dc_relay_nets=''
> dc_smarthost='mail.myisp.com'
> dc_use_split_config='false'
> dc_hide_mailname='true'
> dc_mailname_in_oh='true'
> dc_localdelivery=maildir_home
> dc_relay_nets=''
> --

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