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Re: dune2 on debian

Chris Roddy wrote:

For "graphic-intensive" DOS games, Dosbox tends to be the better choice.
Dosbox also does not require any actual DOS command interpreter, as it
provides its own. With some tuning, I've gotten games based on the
original Doom engine to run on my Athlon 64 3000+ system.

Thanks for the tip.

I have some old DOS educational games that my daughter had on her 486SX. I built her a new machine (P3-800) and installed Linux on it. She wants her old DOS games that she has long since outgrown. I had tried dosemu, but it only manged to run one out of the five games. Using dosbox I got four out of five working and the one that doesn't work is one that she is not worried about.

This will help a lot!

Marc Shapiro

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