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Problem Network and installation of Debian ETCH beta2 for AMD64/EM64T (testing)

I'm trying to install debian etch beta 2, testing, and the following problems are happening:

Apt is now (etch) configured before the reboot, so I can't install my pppoe network connection. When I used to use Sarge I could boot and configure apt just after the reboot. Then I would open a terminal to configure my network connection through "pppoeconf". This command just used to work after the reboot. Now, it's needed before the reboot and it doesn't work even after the reboot when I'm sent to a shell. When I installed sarge in my old 32 bits PC, I could configure apt after the reboot, and I was sent to the GUI at the end, Not to a shell how it's happening now. As far as I could understand all the installation is now done in one stage and not in two stages (like sarge was).

Can anyone help me to:
1) Configure a pppoe network connection to Debian ETCH during the boot, while the installer is running?
2) Don't be sent to a shell at the end of the installation, but to the GUI (Gnome, KDE, etc) ?

That's what I need. I hope you guys can help me.

Got Debian from:
My PC:
Asus p5gd2-x
Geforce 6800GS
SATA 200GB Seagate
LG 4167b
Floppy 1.44
onboard network (disabled. Debian don't recognize my network card)
PCI network (Just bought to install debian ETCh. Realtek by Encore 10/100)
Pentium 4 EM64T 3,06Ghz

Thank you.

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