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Re: how do I stop my processor fan

Craig M. Houck:
> You don't want the processor fan to stop...at least I would never want fan
> on top of the processor of ANY compuer I used to stop.

When you are using a Pentium M processor and have almost no load, it is
intended behaviour that the fan doesn't run. That's the whole point of
this processor: power saving and silence. And it is quite good at it.

To the OP: there are kernel modules to control the fan and there is an
option specifically for Asus as well. If you compile kernels yourself
you should find it in the ACPI section. I cannot be anymore specific
right now because my notebook is dead atm. But the fan works fine in my
Asus M2400N (Pentium M 1.3GHz).

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same job.
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