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icewm and keys

I am having problems configuring the keys in icewm.  The box is running 
Mandriva.  I downloaded and compiled the most recent icewm.

The problem is that some of the keys I configure do not work.  F1 and F2 are 
ok F3 and on are not.  Of the Alt+Ctrl sequence, r and b do not work.

key "F1"                        /usr/local/share/firefox/firefox
key "F2"                        /opt/openoffice.org2.0/program/soffice
key "Alt+Ctrl+g"                gimp
key "Alt+Ctrl+t"                konsole
key "Alt+Ctrl+k"                knoda
key "Alt+Ctrl+e"                emacs
key "Alt+Ctrl+c"                gnucash
key "Alt+Ctrl+m"                kontact
key "Alt+Ctrl+q"                /usr/local/share/qcad/qcad
key "Alt+Ctrl+r                 grip
key "Alt+Ctrl+b"                kb3
key "F3"                        kstars
key "F4"                        /usr/local/share/scilab-3.1.1/scilab
key "F5"                        kaffeine
key "F6"                        scribus

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