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Re: Force deactivate a logical volume (LVM2)

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 22:18 +0800, ck Choy wrote:
> Is it possible to _force_ deactivate a logical volume in lvm2?
> I've tried
> # lvchange -an /dev/vg/foo, but I get
> LV vg/foo in use: not removing
> I want to test some raid function(raid 5, inside xen domU) so I need to 
> deactivate the logical volume.
> Searched google but cannot find something useful...
> Any idea?

LVM stands for Logical Volume Manager.

Logically speaking, I have never seen it able to change a status of a VG
when an LV is mounted or used as swap or even accessed as a raw

Since you are going to demolish the VG, you might want to make sure you
have deleted any LVs defined on it. If you get an error from that, it
will basically tell you the thing you have to deactivate or remove from
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