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gnome-terminal, tabs and mc


I updated my Debian SID box this day and dedect, that with a resized
gnome-terminal (2.14) on the third tab I can start mc but work with it
because i only see a white konsole window. With a "normal" terminal
window it works.

I started the terminal window with this script
gnome-terminal --title="Developing What Ever You Want" --hide-menubar --geometry="96X73+0+0" --command="/bin/bash -o vi" &
gnome-terminal --geometry="80x24+700+660" --hide-menubar --command="/bin/bash -o vi" &

With the second terminal i can start mc on the third tab but not with
the first command. 

Is this a bug? Or is something wrong with my command.

    ,''`.   Michael Ott, e-mail: michael at zolnott dot de
   : :' :   Debian SID on Thinkpad T43: 
   `. `'    http://www.zolnott.de/laptop/ibm-t43-uc34nge.html 

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