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How often should I fsck my ext3 partition?

The debian default of my sarge installations is that the ext3-FS are fsck'ed about every 30 mounts or 180 days (whatever comes first).

I assume that debian's installation defaults are reasonable. However one of the computers is a server with thousands of files changed in /home each day; the other one is my laptop with far less files changed per day. I have dayly backups of all important data.

The laptop is booted often and consequently fschecked almost once per week (which I consider more than a bit anoying). The server is almost never checked (it's rebooted about once or twice per year).

Is it reasonable to fsck the ext3-partitions of the laptop so often? What is a reasonable schedule for a server or a workstation?

Thanks for any hints!

NB: the ext3-usage-Howto states: 'it is your responsibility to periodically schedule downtime for the manual checking of disks.'

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