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Re: disk space (when i use cp)

On Sun, 02 Apr 2006 15:25:41 +0200
Philippe De Ryck <philippe.de.ryck@skynet.be> wrote:

> [...]
> A mount point is basically a directory. You can put stuff in that
> directory and just use it as a directory. If you want to mount a drive,
> you need to select a directory where the drive will be mounted. Again,
> this can be any directory, even one that you use as a normal directory.
> The moment you mount the drive, the directory contents will still exist,
> but are unreachable in the filesystem. The content of the directory
> however has become the content of the mounted media. The moment you
> unmount this media, your previous content stored in the directory will
> appear again.

More than I few times I've "lost" a file this way... only to find it months later...



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