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Re-2 : Radeon : scanpci failure ? DRM+DRI disabled

> (WW) RADEON(0): Enabling DRM support
>  *** Direct rendering support is highly experimental for Radeon 9500
>  *** and newer cards. The 3d mesa driver is not provided in this tree.
>  *** A very experimental (and incomplete) version is available from Mesa CVS.
>  *** Additional information can be found on http://r300.sourceforge.net
>  *** This message has been last modified on 2005-08-07.
A: It indicates above that the experimental drivers are not in the tree
you are using.
> drmOpenDevice: node name is /dev/dri/card0
> drmOpenDevice: open result is -1, (No such device or address)
> drmOpenDevice: open result is -1, (No such device or address)
> drmOpenDevice: Open failed
B: After little googling it appears that this message is an indication
that the kernel module is not loading.
If you were only getting the first message I would think it would be
enough to install the mesa packages from Debian unstable
libgl1-mesa-dri, libgl1-mesa-glx, and libglu1-mesa. These packages work
for me with a 9500 Pro.
I suspect you will have to get newer stuff from:
: follow the instructions for installing the snapshot. I did this on
my system and for some reason I had to 'apt-get install --reinstall
xserver-xorg' before I could get back into an X session, but once I was
done it seemed to work and be using the newer stuff.
If you still get the drmOpenDevice errors I did find a relevant post
: If those don't get you going you might have to try getting the fglrx
driver working. Looks like it's available in the repositories at
least in Debian unstable if you have non-free in your sources.list so
I'm assuming you could use kernel-package to compile and create a .deb
file for the kernel module.
Later, Seeker

>>reply hereafter:
Thanks Seeker for info.
Briefly I resolved via the www.ati website. So :
- download Debian installer and related .RPM found there.
- run this installer to create .deb for Debian which will needed source files.
- install these .deb
- note: headers for used kernel is needed
- compile / installe modules (modules are drm and flgrx) using .sh files provided by the installed .deb under /lib/modules/fglrx
- in xorg.conf I replace driver 'ati' by 'fglrx'
- 'rmmod' previous modules (in my case radeon and drm)
- 'modprobe fglrx' to test and load the newly created modules. 'update-modules' to fix this load at the boot.
- restart X
- run test applications like 'flg_gears' --> looks good with more than 50.000-FPS
- note: strangely glxinfo continue to indicate DRI is not activated but probably glxinfo is somewhere outdated and using old librairies...to be confirmed.

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