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Wireless roaming/configuration

Hello everybody,

I can not seem to figure out how to configure wireless roaming.
That is, I would like to describe several networks with their WEP keys
ESSIDs. The goal is that as soon as available network is detected a
connection is made.

It seems to me that waproamd is the right package for the job. Never
the less, I can not seem to make it work. waproamd gives me this error:

SIOCGIWRANGE failed: Argument list too longShutdown

I also noticed that latest wireless tools available are v17. However,
the kernel 2.6.13 provides v18 support. It is not clear if v18 is
backwards compatible with v17 and if this could be aproblem.

Also, I saw on waproamd web site that it has been superceeded by 
wpa_supplicant. This uses WPA and WPA2  method. But I have WEP so what
should I do? What are the options?

One last point, I do not have KDE or GNOME installed. Do I need them
the wireless configuration or it is possible to do it without it?

Thanks for your input


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