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Re: LVM - dead disk

On Fri, 2006-03-31 at 22:25 +0200, Chris Searle wrote:
> Vol group vg0 consisted of hda3, hdb1 and hdc1 (the plusses and  
> minuses of this idea I'm well aware of - at the time it seemed  
> appropriate for what I was trying to get working).
> Now - hdc burnt out (real smoke, smell of burning plastic, nasty  
> clicking noises afterwards if you power it).
> So - on boot - lvm can't find vg0.
> I've inspected the metadata - and it confirms what I thought
> The pv's on hdc1 were a single data storage partition - no /usr, no / 
> var etc etc.
> So - the usr, var, home etc partitions are fine.
> Is there any way to tell lvm2 that the disk is gone? That the  
> metadata file is the correct version?

I'd start by looking at vgreduce and work up from there. And you're
lucky that you didn't get too greedy with using all of those spindles. I
would have striped all of my lv's across all three drives, and then I
would have been up a creek without a spindle. ;)

Alex Malinovich
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