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Re: Debian Sarge on SATA

Simon Meelich wrote:

I'm new to the list and fairly new to Debian. I recently bought myself a new PC (HP Pavilion a1320n) with a SATA drive. I know, that there is an issue with the 2.4 kernel and I know that it is supposed to work with the 2.6 kernel. For some reason I can't get it to work, though. As soon as the installer tries to locate the HDD it fails with an error message. I also tried to change the BIOS settings, as some articles recommended, from "Normal" to "Combined" (SATA/PATA) - however my BIOS does not have any settings I could change (concerning the SATA drive). Some other linux distribution ("PC rescue CDs") were able to detect and display the SATA drive. I tried to get in contact with HP, but there only comment was:"HP does not recommend upgrading the preinstalled OS"

I know, that this question is probably an easy one for you guys, but I'm pretty much stuck - and I already spent couple of days surfing the net for a solution.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Just to make sure, did you use the linux26 code with the installer?


(Sorry if I am stating the obvious...)



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