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Re: Will wine|win4lin|VMWare save my XP bacon?

John wrote:
I'd appreciate advice on whether wine, win4lin, VMWare or some other
route might get me out of a bind. I'm embarrassed, but here's what I

At the start, my ThinkPad (A31) was dual booted via grub, Windows XP
on /dev/hda1, sid on the rest, 2.6.15-homemade kernel.  So I added a
second hard drive in the UltraBay. I then copied the XP partition to
the new drive -- dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/dev/hdb1 bs=$((1*1024*1024)). I
double checked: XP booted and recognized both C: and D: drives. OK, I
thought, and wiped Windows off the original drive, and took it all for
Debian, with / mounted on hda1.

So of course XP doesn't boot from its new location, even though grub
finds it via update-grub. Shouldda known! If anyone knows how I might
just enable the XP copy on /dev/hdb1, aka D:, I'd be grateful. I've
investigated, so far nothing.

Another choice would be to forget XP, except that it is on rare
occasion (involving proprietary dial-up) handy. Yet another would be
to bite the bullet, wipe the drive, repartition, reinstall that Other
OS on hda, and then reinstall sid. Ugh, what a chore!

Is there a third family of choices? Would wine, win4lin, VMWare or
something else be able to run XP where it is?

Thanks for any advice, if only to think twice next time! (Wait: I know
that now!)

I would vote for forgetting about XP dual boot and getting VMware. I use the free beta server and find the program excellent. Of course as was already pointed out, you run an entire os on top of an os, but present hardware is so incredibly fast that it doesn't matter.

I run VMware with 1 GB of storage and it never starts swapping.


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