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Save as with Epiphany and torrent file


I am having a problem with epiphany-browser 1.8.3-4.  When I am at a
torrent site, clicking directly on the torrent file causes the file to
be downloaded and opened automatically in my bittornadogui program and
everything works fine.  When I right click on the torrent link and
choose "save as", the torrent file that is downloaded does not seem to
work in my bittorrent clients.  Using the "save as" function in
firefox does not give me any problems.

Looking at the two files that were "save as"-ed, they are different
sizes (epiphany's is 28591, firefox's is 28761) but I can't figure how
to use diff and xxdiff to give me an idea of where the differences
are; all they tell me is that they're different.

Anyone else have this problem?  Or perhaps it's the website from where
I'm downloading the torrent?  I don't want to report a bug until I'm
sure it's not me who's the problem!



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