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Re: How to find software?

Ing. Vladimir M. Kerka wrote:
> Lachlan Patrick wrote:
>> I'm looking for LaTeX or alsaplayer.
>> Anyone have any idea which Debian 3.1r1 CD
>> these packages might be on?

> Try apt-cache search latex, apt-cache search alsaplayer, or Synaptic -
> the latter is the best solution, how to find any package with
> description and dependecies

    Am I the only one who's reading this exchange and wondering what people
are thinking?  How, exactly, does dselect (in the previous reply) and
apt-cache help him determine which CD the software is on?  I mean what
if he's on a slow link, has the CDs a friend gave him and wants to
install from that medium.  Am I missing some magical function of dselect
and apt-cache which describes which CD a package is on?  Mine certainly
don't cough up that information.  It's not in the package description. 
Is this another case of rewriting the question and then answering the

Steve Lamb

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