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Tascam US-122 and ALSA

bkhl@elektrubadur.se (Björn Lindström):

> I just got a Tascam US-122 USB sound card. I can't get it to play with
> my Debian etch system, though.
> I've installed alsa-firmare (from DeMuDi), alsa-firmware-loaders and
> alsa-tools, and lsusb gives me something like:
> Bus 002 Device 004: ID 1604:8007 Tascam US-122 Audio/Midi Interface
> Could someone explain what else I need to do? I've Googled, but all
> the instructions I've found seems specific to other distributions, and
> won't work here.

Is there really noone that can help me with this? I've been struggling
and googling for days with no luck here.

On another list someone suggested that I should use a `nrpacks=1'
argument to the snd_usb_usx2y module when using the US-122, so I have
specified that using modconf.

Now, if I boot with the US-122 connected, I can for starters see it
using lsusb:

  Bus 002 Device 003: ID 1604:8007 Tascam US-122 Audio/Midi Interface

This line would contain a notice if firmware hadn't been loaded to the
device, so I can tell that part is working.

I also see it in /proc/asound/cards:

  2 [USX2Y          ]: USB US-X2Y - TASCAM US-X2Y
                       TASCAM US-X2Y (1604:8007 if 0 at 002/003)

However, I still see no /dev/dsp2, and `aplay -l' lists only my
internal card.

Now someone has told me I should use the program usx2yloader from the
alsa-firmware-loaders package to activate the US-122. However:

  % sudo usx2yloader -c 2
  usx2yloader: error in loading /usr/share/alsa/firmware/usx2yloader/us122.rbt

(us122.rbt is there and comes from the latest ALSA release.)

Does anyone have a suggestion on where to go from here?

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