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installation problems alongside windows 98 was 'help'

Hello,   I have recently downloaded the businesscard
image for the stable release of the debian OS. Can I
use this version along with Windows 98 or would you
recommend installing debian by itself.

There should be no problems running Debian and Windows 98 from the same hard disk on the same computer. Debian will install a boot manager, so that you can decide on each boot, if you would like to boot windows or debian.

I went to the
command prompt and typed -  cd  D:\debian and it
changed to the D drive which is my CD ROM drive.  I
had my installation cd in the drive but I cannot
initiate the installation.  The business card release
has 30 MB of data and I put it on a CD. Will this make
a difference.

You cannot install debian out of a running Windows or M$-Dos. You should insert the bootable debian CD in your CD drive, enable booting from CD in your bios and boot from CD (like you would boot from the Windows installation CD to install Windows).


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