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Monitor cpu temp, fan speed, etc on a Dell PE 1850


I have a call into Dell support so if I get anything from them I will
report it here....BUT.

I want to monitor cpu temp, fan speed, voltage etc. all the readings that
one finds on a properly sensored mobo. The PE1850 I am using has a Xeon
processor which I understood to have all that built in. Does anyone know if
that is true?

I have apt-got the following
Wed Mar 22 10:36:32 EST 2006    xsensors
                                   kernel-image-2.6 i2c-source sensord
                                lm-sensors-mod-2.9 lm-sensors-mod
                                lm-sensors xsensors

Wed Mar 22 10:43:26 EST 2006    i2c-source
                                kernel-package build-essential dialog
                                libterm-size-perl libterm-readkey-perl
                                i2c-source module-assistant
And then did the following
1. bash mkDevs.sh
2. sensors-detect
3. sensors -s
It finds nothing!!!!

Am I doing something wrong or does this mobo not have sensors?

Craig - ><>

 o    BU SysAdmin
/|\  607 777 6827 
 ^      Tot Ziens

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