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Gnus: forcing a charset for posting?


I used to post articles to NTTP servers using Emacs and Gnus. Until
recently I used Gnus from the package 'emacs21-common' and it just
worked -- I could post articles in the encoding koi8-r. The problems
started, I think, when I installed the package 'gnus' (Debian stable,
Version: 5.10.6-0.CVS.20050317-1). Now, Gnus wants to post all
articles in the iso-8859-5 encoding, no matter how I try to make it
use koi8-r. I tried to 'purge' gnus package and 'reinstall'
emacs21-common, but to no avail.

.emacs includes, among other things, the following:
(set-language-environment "Cyrillic-KOI8")
(put-charset-property 'cyrillic-iso8859-5 'preferred-coding-system 'koi8-r)

And this is .gnus file:
(setq gnus-default-charset 'koi8-r
        default-mime-charset 'koi8-r
        gnus-default-posting-charset 'koi8-r
        gnus-newsgroup-ignored-charsets nil
        gnus-select-method '(nntp "my-nntp-server.ru")
        '(("^\\(comp\\|rec\\|alt\\|sci\\|soc\\|news\\|gnu\\)\\>" iso-8859-1)
          (".*" koi8-r))
        '((".*" koi8-r (koi8-r))))

Any ideas?


With best regards,
Dmitri Minaev

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