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Re: Help: Can not login at local tty!!

Li Weichen wrote:
I thought perhaps you meant he had "deleted ssh", but below you say that
ssh is fine. So what do you mean by "sth"? I find no package with that


Sorry, I actually means something.

Once you ssh in, can you su to another user?

Yes, without any errors or warnings.

I don't suppose your user in /etc/passwd is set to no shell, etc?

No, I leave it unchanged.

I don't suppose "etc/nologin" exists?

No, it doesn't exist.

As a last resort you could try this procedure:

It is normally used to copy your installation to another computer by
installing exactly the same packages. If you use it on the same computer
it should be possible to reinstall all packages again. The last command
will probably have to be changed to

apt-get --reinstall -u dselect-upgrade

This should reinstall your complete system. If the other sysadmin
deleted a configuration file it will be replaced with the default one
from the package, which is probably better than the situation you are in
now. I have never tried something like this myself, though, therefore I
obviously cannot guarantee anything.


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