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Re: uninstall desktop environment

Jude DaShiell wrote:

> is there a quick way to clear the whole desktop environment from a debian
> system?  The upgrade from stable to testing got several broken
> dependencies and apt-get -f install is unable to cope anymore.  A broken
> pipe happened when xfree86-common tried to install and Xsession couldn't
> be overwritten.

If you used aptitude to install the desktop environment, then selecting it
for removal should remove all the packages automatically installed due to
dependencies.  If you didn't, aptitude can still help.  Enter the
interactive mode by typing just 'aptitude' with no arguments.  Go to the
package you apt-get installed (whether it be gnome-desktop-environment or
kde or whatever), and open up the package description by hitting enter. 
All of the dependencies will be listed.  Simply mark them for removal (or
purge).  For each package, check that it's a metapackage or desktop package
that you are really removing, because if you dig down deep enough in the
dependencies, you'll get to essentials like libc6.

Alternately, you could use dpkg --get-selections > my_selections.txt, then
edit my_selections.txt, changing install to deinstall for each package you
want to get rid of.  Then, run dpkg --set-selections < my_selections.txt. 
Once your selections are set, run dpkg -a.

Someone else on this list may know of a better way.

Hope that helps,

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