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Re: kanotix HD installation

Thanks a lot for your reply!

Is there any Debian/windows XP dual boot Debian HD installation resources I can refer to?

Thanks in advance!


On 3/14/06, kamaraju kusumanchi <raju.mailinglists@gmail.com> wrote:
Rocky Ou wrote:

> Hey list,
> I'm a newbie to linux. By googling and friends recomendation, It seems
> debian will be my best choice. Did anyone do the Kanotix HD
> installation before? If so could you give me some advise? I want to
> have a dual-boot system on my Dell inspiron 2200 laptop.

If you want Debian, it is best to install Debian right in the beginning.
I do not recommend installing other OSs and then shifting to Debian at a
later point of time.

Debian comes in three flavors - stable, testing, unstable. More info on
choosing the distribution that is right for you can be found at


> Where can I get resources to grasb the basic philosiphy of Debian.
> What is /etc /var etc directory mean. Why Debian has so many
> directories instead of one? What's the information in the respective
> directory?

The placement of various files follow something called FHS (File
Hierarchy Standard). Wikipedia has some info about FHS at


Google can give you more info on FHS.

However, if you have more questions of this sort, I recommend


which is an excellent book titled "The Debian System: Concepts and
Techniques" and written by Martin F. Krafft*


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