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Re: Generate thumbnails

Craig M. Houck wrote:


What is any easy to use program to generate thumbnails from a 'full sized'

I have tried many programs found using apt-cache search BUT either I am to
stoopid to figure them out or they really don't do what I want.

Fore xample:
convert image.JPG -resize 10% images.jpg complains.
To create thumbnails use the -thumbnail option of convert. This option preserves the aspect ratio of the picture. So you need to specify just the width or height of your thumbnail.

Sample commands look like

convert -thumbnail 160 original.jpg thumbnail.jpg
convert -thumbnail x160 original.jpg thumbnail.jpg

The first one creates the thumbnail whose width is 160 pixels. The second one creates a thumbnail whose height is 160 pixels.

Ref :- Linux Multimedia Hacks - Tips & Tools for taming images, audio, and video by Kyle Rankin


Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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