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Re: Sudden sound performance problem

Adam Porter wrote:
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I've been running Debian full-time on my desktop for over a year now, with a
combination of testing and unstable (mostly testing).  At the moment I'm
running 2.6.15, compiled with Debian's default config except for turning on
a couple of things so I could use the atop monitor.  I've used ALSA from
the very beginning with my two SB Live! Value cards, and it works

Well, it has, but in just the past week I've noticed very strange audio
performance problems.  If CPU usage spikes for a few seconds, the audio
tends to skip (when I'm listening to XMMS, for example).  This has *never*
happened before.

Another thing that happens is that if I'm watching a video, and the video
player app freezes (which hasn't happened like this until now, either), the
audio will loop over about a quarter-second's data until either it gets
more audio to play, or the app that was playing it is killed.  It sounds
like the same kind of thing that happens if you're listening to something
and the whole computer freezes, except the rest of the system is not
frozen, and it can be stopped by killing the app.


Right. When you use the kernel from here:
those problems go away.
My test is running a mondo backup that does 100% CPU *and* a clock with a second tick *and* XMMS and the sound should never skip, and it does not.


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