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php4-ftp / ftp.so

Hi guys,

I just migrated a bunch of websites from an old SLES9 server to a new
Debian Sarge server, and I ran into a problem.  Sarge doesn't have the
php4-ftp module - I searched for it on the debian site too - it's not in
sid or experimental either.

How do I make the ftp functions work in apache2/php4 on Sarge?

Currently I'm getting the following error when running an "testftp"
script that the dev gave me:

Warning: ftp_chdir(): /home/www/web3/web/: No such file or directory
in /home/www/web3/web/testftp.php on line 24

Warning: ftp_mkdir(): mynewdirectory: Permission denied
in /home/www/web3/web/testftp.php on line 25


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