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Graphics Drivers (I'm new to Linux)

Hello fellow Debian Users!

I'm new to Linux and I heard good things about Debian so I decided to give
it a try. I've actually been meaning to try it for over a year now, but I
went ahead and downloaded the net install and got it installed.

However, my previous Linux encounters were just tests and never lasted
longer than two weeks. My goal is to migrate over to Linux and start doing
90% of my work on Linux (the other 10% requires Windows).

But during this migration over, I've hit a brick wall. I need to get my
NVIDIA drivers installed. I've figured out after 100 searches what to do
and found a person with the exact same problem as me. I unfortunately lost
the link, but I did manage to scribble down some instructions.

Here's my problem: I need to get the kernel source to get the NVIDIA
drivers in. I'm using Debian 3.1, the latest.

Thanks for any help. I've found myself going in circles on the net trying
to get these drivers installed!

Best regards,

Travis Newton

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