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RE: Debian 3.1 installation not detecting my hard drives =(


Ok...this is going to sound a little stupid, but if I installed Sarge normally with the 2.4.27 kernel, everything works properly.

This baffles me even more because I don't really see why a 2.4 kernel would recognize the hardware, but not the 2.6 kernel.

I'm still trying to figure out a way to install it with the 2.6 kernel, but for the time being if anyone out there is having the same problem as I am, try using the 2.4.27 kernel



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Yu,Glen [Ontario] wrote:
> Hmm...I think there's some confusion here, so allow me to clear things up a little.
> 1) I am trying to install Debian 3.1 Sarge (at the moment I don't care which kernel) on a Dell PowerEdge 2800 Server
> 2) When I try to do (1), at the "Partition Hard Disk" section of the install, it gives me the following error message: "No partitionable media found.  Please check that a hard disk is attached to this machine"
> 3) Jorge replied with a couple of links, one of which is for a custom debian-dell.2.4.31 kernel (which works btw, as it can detect the HDDs now), HOWEVER it's for Debian 3.0 Woody, and I want Debian 3.1 Sarge, so I was wondering how I should go about getting Sarge installed.  Do I install Woody entirely and then upgrade it to Sarge while preserving the kernel OR is there a simpler way?
> Thank you, and sorry if my previous e-mail confused anyone.
> Glen Yu

You could use the woody installer, without installing any other packages 
(except maybe some you really require, maybe for networking, or some 
firewall, or so), then you could install sarge, and then select what you 
need (by base-config, and/or using "Tasks" under aptitude, and/or by 
adding some with a "manual" aptitude or apt-get run)
Installing more than necessary can make the upgrade from woody to sarge 
harder I think; if the system has just the base installed

By the way, maybe it's also an idea to send some info to the debian 
installer team so that they can fix things to support your hardware in 
future :-)



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