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Re: printing problem

Hi again, after trying a few stuff out I think that when I try to
print using lp -dojs (or lpr -Pojs, where ojs is the name of the
printer queue I set up for the printer) then that program tries to
contact the server of the school, and not my local cups server where
of couse there is no ojs spool. How do I tell lp (or lpr) to use the
localhost cups server and not the one that the school provides?



Þann 2006-02-13, 13:07:46 (+0000) skrifaði Olafur Jens Sigurdsson:
> Hi
> I have a problem printing to a network printer here at school.
> The spool that the school provides is no good so I am trying to create
> my own on my computer and talk directly to the printer (then I allso
> have better control over my printing, I like that more).
> The printer is a HP Color LaserJet 4700 and I have downloaded the hplip
> package to use with it and used CUPS to set it up through its web
> environment and that works fine. I can print from the web page of CUPS
> a test page (it prints in 10 copies though) but I cant use any command
> tools like lp or lpstat to contact the printer, lpstat -t only finds
> printer spools the school has defined, and not my owne.
> Can someone help me out here? I am using Debian unstable and the hplip
> package for the driver of the printer.
> Oli
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