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Re: wireless card

I suggest you forget about the bcm4306. Broadcom clearly doesn't want
to cooperate in making native drivers for operating systems other than
MS Windows.
ok. the card we have here (it's asus wl-100g deluxe) seems to work nice in windoze, but since it has bcm4306...

I'm assuming that you're using a mini-PCI wifi card, so I'd suggest
you get one of these, if your budget allows. These are long-range,
high-power cards that have good receive sensitivity, which is good for
wifi, and are Linux-compatible (using the Madwifi drivers):
no, it's not mini-PCI, it's PCMCIA (i need wifi card for 'old' notebook)

* Engenius NL-5354CB
* Engenius NL-3054CB
* Netgear WG511T

Other than that, you could use cards that use the Ralink RT2500
chipset (e.g. MSI CB54G2, ASUS wifi cards, etc). The good thing about
these is that these don't require any firmware. You just download the
GPL'd rt2500 drivers.
it's not clear whether the engenius and netgear require the firmware or not... they work with madwifi, right?

and not all ASUS wifi cards have ralink rt2500 inside, apparently (see the top of this post)...

You'd have a tougher time looking for others, such as cards using
Prism54, as they aren't really commercially available. eBay would help
a lot on these though.


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