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Re: which command can be used to show IP address

Mike McCarty wrote:
Serena Cantor wrote:

I use sarge.

I have cable modem connection, use DHCP to config, Do
I have fixed IP? I plan to set up web site using it.

Thanks in advance!

Almost surely you do not have a fixed IP address. If you
want to host a web site, the usual way with this type of
setup is to use disc space on your ISP's machine. Hosting
your own website requires fixed IP, and that means that
DHCP isn't necessary.


You can set-up up a web-site anyway but you have to do a bit of configuring to do so.

1) you need to install ddclient
2) you need to get yourself an account on a DDNS provider (a lot are free) I use www.dyndns.org 3) configure ddclient to look at your modem and find out what your current IP address is, and send this to you DDNS provider
4) set-up web server.

Regards Neil.

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