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Re: moving (and losing?) partitions with cfdisk

Levi Waldron wrote:
I had some unused space at the beginning of my hard drive, with my
partition table looking something like:

Remember, before doing anything to try to fix this, copy off
your MBR, and the first sector of each partition you need to
save. I know you don't have a floppy, but do you have a USB
stick? Something? Anything? How about this: copy them off to
your KNOPPIX RAM disc, and e-mail them to the debian user group
as attachments, or at least to yourself. Then if things get
worse, you can pull them back to your RAM disc again, and
perhaps reinstall them. If you want a little insurance,
e-mail me directly, and I'll copy them off. Then if you
really need them back, I can e-mail them or send you a floppy.

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