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Fwd: Why do I bother?

On 2/16/06, S Clement < s.clement@cashette.com> wrote:
I am wondering if I should be sending this to Debian or to a psychiatric facility.

Now that you have sent this to Debian, you can always send your M$ related rants to a psychiatric facility. 

I have just spent a little over two weeks unable to connect to the web.  My windows connection went down and I could not re-install it.  I figured that shouldn't be a problem, I had Debian 3.0 on the other half of the drive.

Eh! You haven't mentioned whether the problem was common to both Windows and Debian. 

After more than a dozen tries, understandable since I haven't installed it for over five years, I finally got it installed the way I wanted it.

Can you say the same thing about the OS in the other partition ? But you do not mention the reasons for re-installing Debian.

  Then I hit the wall. I still can't use it to connect to the web.  I got to the point where it told me something about a sequence that was not 6-bit pure and the 7-bit was always zero.  X would not work.  I was told that there were no screens available.  The usb connectiion did not work and neither did the printer, an HP Officejet 4110.

I can understand your frustrations ! But you need to realise that you have
 a) Newer hardware b) there's a newer version of the software

Now, that you have discovered that, you may realise you could have done this a week back.

I have ordered an installation set for 3.1 to see if it works any better.  If it doesn't, I'll have to relegate Debian to the status of toy, somthing to play with.  For work I will have to use WinXP.  With that I stick the disks in and it installs and works.  There are modifications I make, but it works.

When will Debian?

When people like you stop cribbing about problems and start contributing, at least bug reports.


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