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Re: warning when upgrading xorg for testing

Sorry, the reply button of Thunderbird sent this to the private address of Andreas Janssen and not to the list, and I seem to have slept. Please, excuse!

Thank you very much for your fast and competent answer. My posting was mainly a warning to others upgrading testing and a complaint against NVIDIA's mystery mongering with their sourcecode. The fraying of letters is indeed very slight and may be caused mainly by my glaucoma and by the nv-programmers not knowing the modes of rendering Nvidia themselves use.

Andreas Janssen schrieb:


Hans Vogelsberger (<hans.vogelsberger@chello.at>) wrote:

. . . nvidia-glx was removed and no X showed up . . .

This happened because nvidia-glx from testing is incompatible with xorg
6.9. You can install the nvidia or nvidia.*-legacy packages from
unstable, . . .

So there are nvidia and nvidia-glx packages in unstable now! I shall try to install the ones for my card some time this afternoon. Up to now I always had to install the original drivers from Nvidia for every new kernel, and I no longer want to undergo this procedure and to see the messages "kernel tainted" afterwards.

. . . and check if the screen size X thinks you are using is correct. If not,

DisplaySize width height #width and height in mm . . .

The monitor section is configured correct. In xorg.conf, there only were difficulties with the Logitech cordless mouse after update to 2.6.12 which I could solve by myself.

. . . make sure xfonts.*-transcoded is installed.

This is installed. Working in several languages and 'hobbying' linguistcs and ontology I constantly need UTF8-fonts.

You probably also want to use AntiAliasing . . .

This is also in use; when checking XFCE4 settings I found an entry for 'Sub-Pixel-Hinting' which I enabled, too. According to XFCE4 messages the effect will show up after next reboot.

PS: reboot didn't make any difference.

best regards
       Andreas Janssen

Again many thanks for your prompt answer and

best regards
Hans Vogelsberger

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