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TwinView dead space -- restrict cursor?

I've recently changed my TwinView config to have the monitors at different
resolutions since KDE 3.5 moved into etch and handles wallpaper better in this

Of course, now there is the problem of dead space.  My left monitor is
1280x1024, the right monitor 1152x864.  They are aligned at the bottom, so
there is a 160-pixel-high spot of dead space in the upper right.  This is not
so major of a problem except that the cursor disappears instead of "hitting the
wall" so to speak.

I do understand why this happens: TwinView creates a large display big enough
to wrap all of the meta modes, and this is what X sees as the display size.
But is there a way to keep the cursor from entering the dead space?  Possibly
with a release key combination (e.g. holding Shift while moving the mouse would
allow it to enter dead space).

Chris Howie

Version: 3.1
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