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network logs: trace strange address

Hi All,

I have encountered something different in my /var/log/snort/alert
logs, and I am curious where on my system I can find further traces of
this strange activity.

First off, I noticed entries such as the following when I did a grep
in my snort alert logs:
02/03-21:43:16.160972 ->
02/03-21:59:07.780078 ->
02/04-13:48:12.098337 ->
02/04-17:39:16.682634 ->
02/04-18:22:05.951133 ->
02/04-18:22:10.594090 ->

I do'nt know where the "," came from,
because I only have two computers hooked up to my blue linksys dsl
router, whose ip addresses are constantly bound to and by DHCP. I checked the logs of both systems to check if
they bound to this 102/103 address before, and never. These two
computers cannot see eachother, they just use the router to share the

Realizing this is not a networking problems mailing list, I am curious
where on the debian system I could further find traces of this IP if
it is actually valid for my networking setup.


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