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OT : K9Copy Problems

I'm tagging this post as OT because the package in question isn't in the
Debian archives.  However, this package, which looks very useful, has
very little documentation, and I can't find a specific support forum for

So anyway, has anyone here ever successfully used k9Copy?  As far as I
can tell, this is the closest anyone has come to anything like DVDShrink
for Linux (even moreso than xdvdshrink, which I can't get to work

Here's my problem with k9copy:

I am trying to reduce the size of a DVD ISO image I created so that it
can be burned onto a single layer DVD-RW disc before burning it to a
regular DVD-R.  I figured out how to actually mount the original ISO,
and access it like a physical DVD with this command:

mount -o loop -t
iso9660 /archives/DVD-Work/ISO-Images/Space-Firebird.iso /dvd

I tested this with XINE, and the ISO plays normally when I click the DVD
button.  In other words, it brings up the DVD menu I created with
QDVDAuthor, and plays the movie when I click on the 'Play Movie' button
I created on the menu.

So then, I set /dev/loop0 as the input device for k9copy and loaded the
image for processing.  k9copy reads the ISO and gives me this info:

- Space
  - Title 01                                       5049.93 mb
    - audio 1 unknown mp2 2ch 48KHz   20bps        176.75 mb
    - video NTSC - 1:36:37                         4850.81 mb

Next I try 'Play Title', and the movie (without the menu) plays quietly
in a little preview window).  With the output device set to ISO Image,
and the 'Keep Original Menus' checkbox selected, I click Copy, and the
DVD backup process begins (which I am assuming will also give a bit of
compression to make the production fit on a SL disk).  This takes 2
minutes and 23 seconds, after which, I am asked where I want to save the
ISO image.

I save it on the partition with the most available space, of course,
then only about 2 seconds later, I am informed that DVD burning is
finished (no errors or other warnings).

When I check out the newly created ISO, it is only 2MB, which I know is
not how it should be, considering the original was 4.9GB (.2GB too big
to fit a SL DVD-R).  Apparently, all the ISO contains is the DVD menu.
This is confirmed by loading the ISO in XINE.  The menu indeed comes up,
but clocking on 'Play Movie' gives me a 'Source can't be read' error.

So now, if anyone here can make heads or tails of the above problem, can
you please tell me how to actually get this damn program to work?
k9copy looks like the only native Linux solution for compressing a DVD
image to fit on a 4.7GB disk.  It's just a shame that there are no help
files or an actual support forum for this, because otherwise, it looks
like a potential killer app for Linux, or at least a great component for
a suite of potential killer apps for full-blown DVD production.

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