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kded crash while running amarok in xfce

hi folks,

trying to make amarok work in a minimal laptop environment I want to
use as an mp3/ogg player for my stereo.  

It's an hp omnibook 4000 with 233mHz processor & 96megs ram (this may
be part of the issue, I don't know).

When I try starting amarok, I get (after some harmless stuff I see on
other systems):
DCOP aborting (delayed) call from "anonymous-14452' to 'lded'
lded: error: communication problem with kded, it probably crashed

.. after which a couple more messages, then the crash.

I know nothing about kde -- just that I love amarok! -- anyone have
any suggestions?  thanks,


 .''`.       Matt Price 
: :'  :      Debian User
`. `'` 	     & hemi-geek

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