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Re: Cups printing problem

Gene Heskett wrote:
On Saturday 28 January 2006 03:41, Marty wrote:

Rob Blomquist wrote:

Apparently ESP Ghostscript is normally in a package called espgs,
but there is nothing to be found with apt-get.

Can some one dig me out of this pickle?


Try gs-esp.

Oh cute!  Was there a valid reason to rename Mikes work?

I would guess it was done to have a uniform nomenclature for the three
different postscript implementations which are in Debian:

gs-esp - The Ghostscript PostScript interpreter - ESP version
gs-gpl - The GPL Ghostscript PostScript interpreter
gs-afpl - The AFPL Ghostscript PostScript interpreter

(gs-esp is a CUPS-optimized fork of gs-gpl and gs-afpl is the version
which is released by Artifex Software, Inc. under the AFPL license which
is "non-free" according to the Debian guidelines since it does not allow
commercial redistribution.)


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