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RE: IDE PCI Advice Needed

What I would do is the following:
As you've stated run the primary IDE on the 20GB drive and remove the secondary drive.  Compile the kernel (2.6) with the correct driver.  When completed, add the 250G drive back and try to access that drive.
I didn't have the same problem but a similar problem where the CD did not have the driver for a SATA drive.  I ended up putting in a PATA drive and building the system around this (linux26) and all went ok.  Then I compiled a driver for the SATA and ran the SATA drive as a secondary drive. 
I'm not sure if during an initial install one could add a parameter to point to a complied kernel or device module (on a floppy) to load the driver for a drive and then return to the CD to complete the installation. Be like hitting F6 in Windows to load a driver for the Controller.
If any one on the list know if it's possible please reply.

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