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Re: Newbie needs help with LAN set up

On Thursday 26 January 2006 20:21, j Mak wrote:
>                                  First off, I am a newbie in Linux and
> networking. I have two computers, both about four years old and both have
> built in Ethernet and LAN support. One runs ubuntu ant other sarge. The one
> with sarge connected to the Internet with dial-up modem. Both works
> perfectly. I want to hook the two computers together to be able to share
> printers, scanners and the Internet. Because I have little understanding
> about setting up a LAN, I am following a tutorial, I found on the Internet.
> So far this is what I have done. I bought a crossover wire and hooked up
> the computers. I tested the one with ubuntu installed with the "ifconfig
> eth0" command and was confirmed that the eth0 works. The one with sarge
> installed however doesn't recognize the eth0 interface. I get the following
> message: eth0: error fetching interface information: Device not found
>         Now, I don't know how to proceed.
> If someone with good knowledge about these issues could kindly help me with
> this problem, I would be very thankful.
>         Regards,
> J. Mak

	Hello Mak,

	I would think that a good starting point would to have a look at shorewall 
web site for info on howto setup a linux router. This could be on one of the 
two boxs you have setup as desktop machines. Or I would say it would be best 
to get spare box to pratice setting up shorewall. Ideally this spare box 
would become your router. Most of the work on the router box could be done 
over ssh from one of the other boxs. On the router box you would need one 
ethernet card and If you can track down a hub. So the two desktop boxs can 
connect to the hub and the hub is connected to the router box which is 
connected to the net.

		So all the best and have a look at shorewall,


                                   peter colton


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